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› Summer 2018

On August 13 the MGH Transplant Golf Classic annual charity event was held at the Belmont Country Club. AAI worked with Massachusetts General Hospital to hold their Transplant Research Center's ninth annual Transplant Golf Classic. We are grateful to the people who have given generously as well as the team putting it together and sports celebrities who participate. AAI is proud to have been part of this event to raise money that goes to helping save and improve lives. With this year's tournament, well over one million dollars have been raised from these events.

> Spring 2016

AAI is proud to be a part of the MDG organization with marketing support for their mission to help humanity by helping to bring innovative technology to healthcare. The educational forums inform members of the medical community about new technology. This community includes physicians, product developers, regulatory personnel, medical device and pharmaceutical executives and others.

› Summer 2015

MGH Transplant Golf Classic annual charity event. On July 13, AAI worked with Massachusetts General Hospital to hold their Transplant Research Center's sixth annual Transplant Golf Classic. AAI is proud to have been part of this event to raise money that goes to helping save and improve lives. At present, about a half million dollars have been raised from this event.

› Spring 2015

Email marketing is an area many companies use and can get lulled into thinking creating an email and sending it to a list is all there is to it. More effective results can be achieved in terms of open rates, click-through rates and sustainability by relying on a firm that has deeper knowledge.

Things like email server reputation, an optimum subject line, concentrated content, professional graphic treatment, best practices for list building, list pre-scrubbing and reliable tracking are all areas that few people, even in marketing, understand well enough to know their importance and how to leverage them. If you would like to learn more on this marketing topic, read our newsletter, white paper or better still, talk to us about this or any other marketing subject.

› Winter 2014/2015

Creating content for technology companies starts with content creators that have technical backgrounds enabling them to understand how a product works, what its advantages are compared to competitors’ products and what matters to potential customers.

Combining an understanding of technology with knowledge of the different communications vehicles and how to address technical audiences is key to creating content that is effective in getting attention, persuasion, action and cost-effective delivery.

In terms of delivery, AAI has found the effective use of PR, inbound marketing techniques like email marketing as well as advertising each have their use and getting the mix right produces the best results. These results are trackable on companies websites, email campaigns and through direct contact with prospects and customers.

› Winter/Spring 2013/2014

Marketing update. AAI staff recently attended a seminar on marketing automation in Burlington to supplement our own research, experience and learn the opinions of other software and SAAS (software as a service) users.

A lot of information and opinions were communicated, and one of the biggest takeaways was that you have to spend the time day in and out to use the many features of various software programs available to input/filter data and 'tweak' your 'funnel model'.

Having a baseline digital marketing plan as well as digital implementation review and analytics tracking software in place are musts before the automation software will be of use.

› Fall 2014

Pick your hot topic. Email marketing, inbound or content marketing, marketing automation, social marketing and other hot areas are getting lots of attention right now. The real question is though, what can really make the biggest difference in terms of exceeding marketing goals for your business.

The answer is, having good marketing fundamentals in place starting with a plan, implementing them, then adding the 'newer' marketing tactics that make sense in a structured way.

What are the fundamentals I'm referring to? Taking a unified approach to marketing by... copy platform, brand, common communications, planning all marketing activities as a unified set instead of one-offs... more to come.

› Summer 2013

An MGH Transplant Golf Classic charity event. On July 22, AAI worked with Massachusetts General Hospital to hold their Transplant Research Center's fourth annual Transplant Golf Classic. Past events have raised over $250,000 to support cutting edge organ transplant research being performed at MGH.

Past celebrity honorary chairs have been Bobby Orr and John Havlicek. This year hockey legend Ray Bourque has generously agreed to be the honorary event chairman.