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The markets we concentrate on

AAI has decades of experience in several markets. Whether it's experience- squared, - cubed or to the nth degree– we know these markets.


Engineers and other technologists look for products that help them solve design, manufacturing or maintenance problems. They seek specifications for assurance vital product aspects meet their requirements and product applications for relevant experience. AAI has decades of success turning out technology communications that lead to sales.


Physicians and dentists rely on clinically proven products and appreciate concise communications using correct terminology. Regulations and professional expectations regarding claims must be addressed appropriately. Experience gained from years of working with leaders in these markets to address their audiences has earned AAI the trust and effective record other firms might envy.


One area of science is called life sciences. Before it was called life sciences, biotech was the category name. Before biotech was a name, AAI was communicating with people in the field. From immunoassays to standards, we've helped life science and other science category companies communicate their product's differentiating essence. We know laboratory scientists are a group that needs proof and more to respond. Leverage our experience in effectively and memorably communicating to them.


Massachusetts General Hospital, Mass Eye and Ear, Brain Injury Association of Mass, Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing… AAI creates clear communications with focus that rest on solid brands. Communications that speak to an audience looking for answers and caring people to trust.

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