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Backstory – Those in the pro audio business or even in a band have likely heard about dbx for noise reduction. When the core team from dbx went off to start a new business they turned to the agency for dbx- AAI. THAT Corporation focused on VCAs and other ICs for the pro audio market. Devices that a manufacturer could incorporate into their audio gear to amplify and control sound while maintaining the purity of the sound put into it.

Vision – THAT’s Why It Sounds So Good! Goal: increase awareness to engineers manufacturing pro audio gear as well as their customers and position THAT as a leading supplier.

Elements – Corporate identity, identity advertising, PR, product advertising, collateral materials and media placement.

Results – While directing the campaign at pro audio engineers who buy or specify professional audio gear, and combining instruments like a keyboard, electric bass and saxophone with ICs integrated in to the art as a campaign ending with customer logos coming out of a sax, THAT continued to enjoy increasing sales.

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