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3D Diagnostix

Backstory – Pre-surgical diagnosis, planning and surgical guides for dental implantation has advanced substantially in recent years and 3D Diagnostix has been at the forefront. Starting from scratch and selling into a multi-million dollar marketplace is a daunting task. 3D Diagnostix looked to AAI to help map out a strategy, direction, and brand as well as implement them.

Vision – Focusing on the segments most likely to be receptive to treatment planning along with a theme of A Click Away, since planning is all done online, has been a successful formula. A tag line of The Leader in Support Services Between CT and Surgery both describes the scope of their business and positions them.

Elements - strategy and planning, corporate identity, branding, online and off-line market research, digital media analysis, email marketing, e-Newsletters, partner marketing, banner advertising, website development, SEO, sales-driving programs, large-scale 3D displays, event marketing, customer retention programs, PR, print advertising and collateral materials.

Results – Zero to seven figures in three years and one of the top two companies in their market.

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