Vol. 1, Iss. 2 • Winter 2015:
Increasing Sales With A Website To Sales Strategy

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Web Analytics For More Sales

Why independent, comprehensive web tracking? It can help you bridge the gap from site visitor to sale.

email salesBusinesses invest in websites with the intent that they will help them get more sales and provide needed information on their products, services and policies to existing customers.

They develop a website, put up the information including email and phone number to contact the company. They likely do some search engine optimization and product promotion so they can be found. That’s a good foundation, but it leaves a lot of sales prospects outside the front door– so to speak – without inviting them in.

Here’s where a good digital marketing strategy picks up starting with Web Analytics and Lead To Sales Solutions.

Web analytics when done right, does far more than count visitors. It tells you where they were online that led them to your site so you can know what digital efforts are paying off; for B2B companies your analytics should also tell you:
1 what website referred the visitor
2 what pages a visitor went to, while on your site
3 if it’s their first, second or nth visit
4 where they are located geographically
5 who they are (company name and phone number)
6 track online advertising campaigns
7 track email campaigns
8 continuously analyze website effectiveness in terms of search engines and visitor trending
9 know which companies are live on your website right now and what product they are looking at
10 be independent of any and all media so there is no conflict of interest with a search engine’s PPC program or other media programs – you count the clicks to verify you’re getting what you paid for and a measure of ROI
11 generate reports from the data collected
12 and collect information that can help sales focus their efforts.
The data provided should be fed into phase 2 and phase 3 of this process to nurture leads, determine when their done ‘kicking the tires’ and ready to be handed off to sales.

In addition there is a lot to learn from independent analytics that can be of immediate benefit. A weekly collection of all visitors to the website can become the basis for the next weeks sales calls.

Just because the online media you spend $2,000 a month on for text ads charges you for 40,000 impressions and doesn’t always mean there that many people who read your ad much less clicked on it. Major search engines provide free analytics so you can count the clicks with their software. Really? Would you spend $24,000 annually on a self audited print magazine?

You can measure the effectiveness of media and campaigns.

Get a daily or weekly snapshot of visitor count. This can serve as a telltale guide. It lets you know if your SEO is holding up or if you have to focus on it more to maintain growth, before your rank slips.

You can do geographic analysis to more efficiently focus sales resources on the ground. A concentration of visitors in a city or region that is not generating a corresponding amount of sales is like having an opportunity map with red lights on it that tell you where and when to focus sales attention.

Need to compare two products for interest level or do AB testing? Heat mapping will tell you how many visitors moused over a particular page content area, so even if you don’t have an item to click on or before it’s clicked on, you get valuable information.

In addition to independent analytics, good landing pages are essential. Once a prospect has clicked on a banner ad, textual “Adwords” ad on a search engine or a digital news item they want to go direct to a page providing more information on the item they clicked on rather than your home page. This is based on the results B2B media research surveys have repeatedly shown. So a good landing page will more likely lead to a sale than taking the prospect to your home page and letting them figure out how to get to the page the product they were looking for or, more likely, just become part of a higher bounce rate statistic.

There’s lots more but you get the idea. AAI Analytics and web strategy are proven resources for B2B businesses and the analytics can do everything and more than we’ve described here. For more information, a free demo or if you have questions, contact Mark at 877-866-8500 Ext. 204.

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